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November 7, 2012

about me

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My name is Andrei RODIN, you may download my CV here

to see my stuff go to the HOME PAGE and/or scroll the bar at your right

I’m a philosopher, my research interests are mainly in history and philosophy of mathematics and science

Contact my by email: my_first_name_at_this_domain name


I am affiliated to:

1)The  Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences  as a senior researcher in the Philosophy of Science unit. 

This is my main affiliation. Here I lead a research project in formal epistemology and organise a regular seminar on this topic.


My secondary affiliations are as follows:

2) Higher School of Economics (Russia), School of Philosophy; here I’m a senior researcher  in the International Laboratory of Logic, Linguistics and Formal Philosophy

3) Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Saint-Petersburg State University(associated professor)

here I belong to the Department of Convergence of Sciences and Humanities (page in Russian)

4) Laboratory SPHERE, University Paris-Diderot/CNRS (associated researcher)


I also teach part-time a philosophy course in the ITMO University

I am a Secretary (one of the two) of Russian Society for History and Philosophy of Science

See also my page on nLab






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