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November 7, 2012

about me

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My name is Andrei RODIN, you may download my CV here

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I’m a mathematician, philosopher and historian; my research interests are mainly in (i) the philosophical logic, (ii) the history and philosophy of mathematics and computer science, (iii) in mathematics and computer science education.

Contact my by email: my_first_name_at_this_domain name

I am presently affiliated to:

1) the University of Lorraine in Nancy (France), joint visiting research position in the Archives Henri-Poincaré (CNRS laboratory of history and philosophy of science, see my page) and Loria (laboratory in Computer Science and its applications); in September 2022 I start teaching mathematical and epistemological courses in the Ecole Nationale Supérieure en Génie des Systèmes et de l’Innovation (ENSGSI) affiliated to the Archives Henri-Poincaré.

2) Laboratory SPHERE, CNRS laboratory at the University Paris-Cité in Paris as an associated researcher;

3) Russian Society for History and Philosophy of Science; I am a member of the Council of this organisation, and I lead a RSF-funded research project realised in this organisation.

I am also a member of Board of Directors of Logica Universalis Association

See also my page on nLab and my profile on the MathNet.RU

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MR AuthorID (MathSciNet): 755109

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