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February 8, 2023

Durability of Digital Storages for Archival Purposes

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Funded by Maison de Sciences de l’Homme de Lorraine

Project description: What is the future of existing digital archives? Are there sufficient reasons to believe that in a century one still will be able to retrieve useful information from today’s digital archives? Even in such a case, how can it be ensured that the archived data have not been modified (voluntary or non-voluntary) during this span of time? It is not quite obvious that today’s information technologies provide easy answers to these and similar questions about the possible future of digital archives. Moreover, any answer to these questions would not simply rely on technological aspects but also social aspects related to the rapidly changing social practices of using digital technologies in the education, research and everyday life. The proposed project aims at bringing together researchers in various disciplines including Computer Science, Social Sciences, and Historical Epistemology for discussing and given some preliminary answers to such questions.

Here is an extended description. Here the MSH Lorraine mentions its generous support of this project.

And THIS is the link to project’s page in French. VIDEOS (password protected)

Research Team:

Enka Blanchard, LAMIH – UMR CNRS 8201

Hala Khassiba, Henri Poincaré Archives

Baptiste Mélès, Henri Poincaré Archives

Mélusine Rocher, Henri Poincaré Archives

Andrei Rodin, Henri Poincaré Archives (PI)

Olivier Rouchon, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, la Direction des Donnés Ouvertes de la Recherche (CNRS-DDOR)

Laurent Rollet, Henri Poincaré Archives

Pierre Willaime, Henri Poincaré Archives (PI)

Planned public activities for 2023: Three 1-day workshops and the concluding 2-day workshop during the year. The preliminary schedule is as follows:

Workshop 1: Launching of the Project and 4-5 talks on the general theme of the Project ( April 13, 2023) Programme and other details.

Workshop 2: Ontological and Epistemological Aspects of Textual Sources and Resources (July 11, 2023); Programm (site Hypothèse) , Programme pdf

slides A. Rodin, slides B. Mélès

Workshop 3: Exposé de  Quentin Lobbé sur “La continuité a la persistence des archives web”. (abstract)(video)(slides)

Technical Issues of Long-Term Digital Storage: Software (NFT, Block-Chain and other) and Hardware Aspects (September 2023);

Concluding Workshop 4: 15 Décember 2023

More details including announcements, schedules and programs of the workshops will be published soon on this webpage. If you wish to stay posted by email about this project, please, subscribe to our information list.


Open Preservation Foundation

UNESCO Charter on the Preservation of Digital Heritage (October 15, 2003)

Recommandation de la commission européenne sur la numérisation et accessibilité en ligne du matériel culturel et la conservation numérique (24 août 2006)

Association Aristote

International Time Capsule Society

FranceArchives Préserver les données numériques Permaliens Archivages numériques


Programme VITAM

Dispositif DiAMAN


Archive Trust for Research in Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy (Michael Wright)

Internet Archive WayBackMachine (private company specialised in the future-proof computing)

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